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Blood Bowl: The Omnibus (PB)

Blood Bowl: The Omnibus (PB)
Blood Bowl: The Omnibus (PB)

Angol nyelvű gyűjteményes kötet a Warhammer Blood Bowl világából. Megjelenés: 2020 November 27.

7 290 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 729 Ft
Fantasy és sci-fi irodalom

In the madcap world of Blood Bowl, fame awaits those who are skilled enough – and Dunk Hoffnung might just be one such soul. Can he go from soldier to quarterback, and survive long enough to hit the heights of star player? Find out in four classic novels.

Madcap sports action in the grim world of Warhammer!

In a fantasy kingdom where violence is a way of life, the number one sport is Blood Bowl – gridiron football where anything goes. When Dunk Hoffnung stepped off the battlefield and onto the football field he thought his life was bound to get easier, but he soon found out how wrong he was! Blood Bowl is a sport of unrivalled violence where death and dismemberment are all part of the game. Rules – what rules?

Follow the career of quarterback Dunk Hoffnung, as he works his way up from unemployed adventurer to Star Player with the Bad Bay Hackers.

Blood Bowl
Dead Ball
Death Match
Rumble in the Jungle
A Guide to Blood Bowl

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