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Chaos Knights: Knight Desecrator / Rampager

Chaos Knights: Knight Desecrator / Rampager

Chaos Knights: Knight Desecrator / Rampager

1 db több részből álló, műanyag figura, Warhammer 40 000 Chaos Knights sereghez. A dobozból a két variáns egyikét lehet megépíteni.
39 690 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 3 969 Ft
Figurás társasjáték összerakható figurái - műanyag.

Knights Desecrator possess potent mid- to close-range armaments that lend themselves toward duelling enemy war engines or monstrous beasts, or tearing down the foe's Fortifications. Armed with a laser destructor, it packs a considerable punch at considerable range. 

Knights Rampager storm into battle with frenzied, metallic howls. They charge full tilt toward the foe with no thought for their own defence. These heretic Knights fight with a frenzied rampage, which in turn creates even more damage in combat.

This is a truly imposing kit in every sense of the word – it towers over most other models on the tabletop and a choice of vicious faceplates and optional chains, pipes, spikes and horns allow you to customise your Knight, making it as malicious as you want. They can also be armed with a choice of either reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet with which to crush any foe that survives a barrage from its laser destructor. 

This multipart plastic kit is supplied as 119 components and includes a Citadel 170mm oval base and a Chaos Knight transfer sheet, which features iconography for Houses Lucaris, Herpetrax, and Khymere, as well as a huge variety of Chaos runes and markings.

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