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Gotrek & Felix: The Sixth Omnibus (PB)

Gotrek & Felix: The Sixth Omnibus (PB)
Gotrek & Felix: The Sixth Omnibus (PB)
Angol nyelvű gyűjteményes kötet a Warhammer Fantasy világából.
6 210 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 621 Ft

Fantasy és sci-fi irodalom

As the world burns around them, Gotrek and Felix are reunited to face enemies old and new. The truth of Gotrek's ancient shame is revealed, and he faces his true destiny as Grimnir's avatar in the mortal world… but tragedy awaits these heroes.

For many long years, Felix Jaeger has followed the Slayer, Gotrek Gurnisson, across the world. Their adventures have been extraordinary, their heroic partnership the stuff of legends. Now it ends.

With their friendship in tatters after a series of betrayals, the pair march south at the head of a ragtag army, intent on driving the forces of Chaos out of the Empire and returning Felix to his wife. But Gotrek’s doom is at hand, and great powers are at work to ensure that he meets it. With enemies on all sides and destiny calling, Felix must make a choice – to follow Gotrek into the darkness that awaits him or to abandon his oldest friend once and for all.

Collecting the final adventures of the wandering heroes across three novels and a short story, Gotrek & Felix: The Sixth Omnibus is packed with fantasy adventure.

City of the Damned

Black Library