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Legendary Bahadurs

Legendary Bahadurs
Legendary Bahadurs
Kiegészítő doboz Aristeia! társasjátékhoz.
12 295 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 1 230 Ft

The champions in Aristeia! get the title of Bahadur. The famous commentator of Vissiorama and five time Bahadur, Final Boss, has decided to return to the top competition by gathering a team of old Aristo teammates.

Besides adding four plastic preassembled miniatures, made with the signature highest quality you can expect from Corvus Belli, each Aristeia! expansion includes 4 character cards4 initiative cards16 Tactics2 rules cards explaining the new States, and all the tokens needed to play this expansion. A total of 92 cards in every box, because it includes a copy for each language: Spanish, English, German, and French.