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Siege of Terra Book: Sons of the Selenar (HB)

Siege of Terra Book: Sons of the Selenar (HB)
Siege of Terra Book: Sons of the Selenar (HB)
Angol nyelvű regény a Warhammer 40000 világából. A Horus Heresy sorozat befejező sorozatának része.
8 225 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 823 Ft
Fantasy és sci-fi irodalom

The Shattered Legions have come to Terra – but when the Kryptos delivers a message of doom, the crew of the Sisypheum are drawn into their most dangerous mission yet, deep beneath Luna, where their actions could alter the fate of the galaxy.

The Shattered Legions crew of the Sisypheum, broken and at the end of their endurance, find themselves divided – torn between following their resurrected captain on a suicidal mission or obeying orders to return to Terra and rejoin their Legion brothers.

Following a series of garbled messages intercepted by the Kryptos, the divided warriors descend to the shattered surface of Luna. Here, their bonds of loyalty, duty, and their devotion to one another will be tested as ancient horrors of the earliest days of gene-manipulation are unleashed, and a long-buried secret is revealed.

A secret that will have far-reaching consequences for the future course of the galaxy, no matter who eventually claims Terra.

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