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The Vampire Genevieve (PB)

The Vampire Genevieve (PB)
The Vampire Genevieve (PB)
Angol nyelvű gyűjteményes kötet a Warhammer Fanatsy világából.
7 290 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 729 Ft

Fantasy és sci-fi irodalom

Genevieve Dieudonné is a vampire – but that doesn't make her evil. Follow her adventures across three novels and an anthology as she battles the darkness across the Old World with an unlikely collection of allies .

Evil has a new enemy… one of its own.

Meet Genevieve Dieudonné. She’s beautiful, powerful, resourceful, and courageous – and she's over four hundred years old. In the crowded cities and dark forests of the Warhammer world, Genevieve and her unlikely companions battle the forces of malevolence and insanity. However, the vampire blood running through Genevieve’s veins means she must constantly fight the urge to surrender to the evil within.

The Vampire Genevieve collects together all the tales of Genevieve and her unusual allies into one packed volume.

Genevieve Undead
Beasts in Velvet
Silver Nails

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